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Treaties of the European Union: Quiz


Question 1: In the case of ________, where the treaty was their accession treaty (hence, their membership), the treaty was also abandoned.
NorwayGermanyUnited StatesPoland

Question 2: The trouble ________ of that treaty has meant there is little climate for further reform in the next few years beyond accession treaties, which merely allow a new state to join.
RatificationReferendumFranceUnited States

Question 3: In the cases of Ireland and ________ a second referendum was held after a number of concessions were granted.

Question 4: These protocols related to opt-outs and guarantees to Ireland and the ________ in order to get support from their public and president respectively.
SlovakiaHungaryPolandCzech Republic

Question 5: Following a "period of reflection", the constitution in that form was scrapped and replaced by the ________.
European UnionTreaty of LisbonTreaties of the European UnionEuropean Council

Question 6: As a result of the various compromises during the ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon, there are a number of protocols which leaders have stated will be added to the next treaty, probably the accession treaty of ________ or Iceland to sooner than 2011.

Question 7: In others, such as ________, referendums are constitutionally banned and the ratification must take place in its national parliament.

Question 8: However in the case of ________ and the Netherlands, the treaty was abandoned in favour of a treaty that would not prompt a referendum.
United KingdomCanadaFranceItaly

Question 9: The Treaties of the European Union are a set of international treaties between the Union's member states which sets out the constitutional basis of the ________ (EU).
GermanyEuropean UnionEuropean ParliamentDenmark

Question 10: ________ has tried to join the European Communities/Union on two occasions, on both occasions a national referendum returned a negative result leading Norway to turn down membership.
NorwayUnited StatesPolandGermany


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