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Question 1: [93][94] In ________, French codes have been followed, so half of a found object goes to the finder and the other half to the landowner.
ArkansasMississippiLouisianaUnited States

Question 2: [89] New Jersey vests buried or hidden property in the landowner,[90] ________ in the county,[91] Vermont in the township,[92] and Maine in the township and the finder equally.

Question 3:
Who wrote Treasure trove?
Knut Moen
Kaufmann Kohler and Emil G. Hirsch
General Mills staff

Question 4: However, this judgment was reversed by the ________ on the basis that it had not yet been decided if the law of treasure trove was part of Pennsylvania law.
Supreme Court of PennsylvaniaSupreme Court of Puerto RicoSupreme Court of the United StatesCourts of the United States

Question 5: In ________[84] and Tennessee[85] courts have decided that treasure trove belongs to the owner of the place where it was found, the rationale being to avoid rewarding trespassers.

Question 6: For example, in 1863 the legislature of ________ enacted a statute that made "the common law of England ...

Question 7: Thus, it belonged to the owner of the field and could not be retained by the ________.
Victoria and Albert MuseumImperial War MuseumNational Gallery (London)British Museum

Question 8: Due to the potential for a ________, police officers[104] and other persons working in law enforcement occupations,[105] and armed forces[106] are not entitled to finds in some states.
Index of sociology articlesRationalization (sociology)Conflict of interestCriminology

Question 9: [99] A find occurring in a bank is generally awarded to the bank as the owner is likely to have been a bank customer and the bank has a ________ to try to reunite lost property with their owners.
Common lawFiduciaryLawTrust law

Question 10: The English term treasure trove was derived from tresor trové, the Anglo-French[1] equivalent of the ________ legal term thesaurus inventus.
Vulgar LatinOld LatinLatinRoman Empire

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