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Trawling: Quiz


Question 1: ________ on soft bottoms also stirs up bottom sediments and loading suspended solids into the water column.
Midwater trawlingSeafoodBottom trawlingFishing industry

Question 2: Trawl doors are available in various sizes and shapes and may be specialized to keep in contact with the sea bottom (________) or to remain elevated in the water.
SeafoodFishing industryMidwater trawlingBottom trawling

Question 3: In some older usages "trawling" meant "long-line fishing"; that usage occurs in ________'s book Captains Courageous.
Knut HamsunNobel Prize in LiteratureRudyard KiplingGeorge Bernard Shaw

Question 4: Any part of the catch which cannot be used is considered ________, some of which is killed accidentally by the trawling process.
Wild fisheriesOcean fisheriesCetacean bycatchBycatch

Question 5: Trawling can be divided into ________ and midwater trawling, depending on how high the trawl (net) is in the water column.
Commercial fishingFishing industryBottom trawlingSeafood

Question 6: [3] These turbidity plumes can be seen on Google Earth in areas where they have high resolution offshore photos (see ________).
SeafoodBottom trawlingFishing industryMidwater trawling

Question 7: ________ (2007) Workshop on standardization of selectivity methods applied to trawling Fisheries Report No.
Food and Agriculture OrganizationAzerbaijanCyprusUniversal Postal Union

Question 8: Bottom trawling can leave serious incidental damage to the sea bottom and ________ reefs, in its trail; by contrast midwater trawling is relatively benign.
Deep water coralCoral reefMarine biologyCoral reef fish

Question 9: Trawling is a method of ________ that involves pulling a large fishing net through the water behind one or more boats.
Fishing techniquesFishingWild fisheriesFishing industry

Question 10: The primary sources of impact are the doors, which can weigh several ________ and create furrows if dragged along the bottom, and the footrope configuration, which usually remains in contact with the bottom across the entire lower edge of the net.
Metric systemKilogramTonneUnited States customary units


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