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Travancore: Quiz


Question 1: After the invasion of Malik Kafur in 1310 the Tamil Venad kings accepted Matriarchy in 1314s, thus ceding their authority to two Matriarchal Princesses from the house of ________ in Northern Kerala.
South IndiaAli RajaNairChirakkal Raja

Question 2: The rulers of this state were named Sree Padmanabhadasan - servant of the ________, Padmanabha Swamy, an aspect of Lord Vishnu.

Question 3: When ________ visited the area in the 1920s, he remarked that the education was superior to British India.
Jawaharlal NehruPurushottam Das TandonAbul Kalam AzadC. Rajagopalachari

Question 4: His successor Karthika Thirunal Rama Varma who was popularly known as ________, shifted the capital in 1795 from Padmanabhapuram to Thiruvananthapuram.
TravancoreDharma Raja of TravancoreMarthanda VarmaGowri Parvati Bayi of Travancore

Question 5: ________ 1936-1947
C. P. Ramaswami IyerP. SubbarayanS. Srinivasa IyengarC. Rajagopalachari

Question 6: Marthanda Varma was a powerful ruler who expanded the Kingdom from ________ in the South to Kodungallur in the North.
Kanyakumari districtKanyakumariKolachalNagercoil

Question 7: Padmanabhapuram near Nagercoil of ________ was the capital of Travancore before the shifting of the capital to Thiruvananthapuram.
Kanyakumari districtKolachalKuzhithuraiSwamithope pathi

Question 8: The ________ improved trade in the country.
Dharma Raja of TravancoreGowri Parvati Bayi of TravancoreMarthanda VarmaTravancore

Question 9: In successive battles, he defeated and absorbed the Kingdoms right up to Cochin including Attingal, Kollam, Kayamkulam, Kottarakara, Kottayam, Changanassery, Meenachil, Poonjar and ________.

Question 10: Paliath Achan surrendered to the British and was exiled to Madras and later to ________.


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