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Traumatic insemination: Quiz


Question 1: The injection of sperm and ejaculatory fluids into the hemocoel can also trigger an ________ in the female.
Toll-like receptorAdaptive immune systemImmune systemLymphatic system

Question 2: ________, which reproduce solely by traumatic insemination, have evolved a pair of sperm-receptacles, known as the spermalege.
Bunk bedAfrican trypanosomiasisBedbugBedtime toy

Question 3: The insemination is successful if the sperm reach the ovaries and ________ an ovum.
FertilisationHuman embryogenesisPrenatal developmentEmbryo

Question 4: Insects, however, have an ________ in which blood and lymph circulate unenclosed, and mix to form a substance called hemolymph.
Circulatory systemMyocardial infarctionFetal circulationHeart

Question 5: [3] However, such coercive sex practices are common in nature and provide ________, enable bypassing the mating plug, and overcome female resistance to being mated.
FertilisationSperm heteromorphismEjaculationSperm competition

Question 6: Traumatic insemination has been likened to human sadomasochism, stabbing, and ________ behaviors.
Sexual abuseSexual assaultProstitutionRape

Question 7: Tests with blood ________ have shown that some of these species can survive in vivo.
Growth mediumAgarSeaweedFungus

Question 8: In either case, following penetration, the male ________ into the female.
MasturbationOrgasmEjaculationSexual intercourse

Question 9: [8] Once in the hemolymph, the sperm and ejaculatory fluids may act as ________, triggering an immune reaction.
Polyclonal B cell responseAntigenPhagocyteImmune system

Question 10: In humans and other complex life forms, blood and lymph circulate in two different systems, the circulatory system and lymphatic system, which are enclosed by systems of capillaries, veins, ________, and nodes.
Systemic circulationBlood vesselArteryArterial tree

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