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Question 1: Cameron compares performing surgery at an agoraphobic patient's home like a MASH unit, ________ quips "We still need Trapper John."
Lisa CuddyGregory HouseHouse (TV series)James Wilson (House)

Question 2: In the Season 5 episode of ________, The Itch, when Dr.
Pilot (House)James Wilson (House)Gregory HouseHouse (TV series)

Question 3: Trapper John's final M*A*S*H episode was "________," which also included the final appearance of Col.
M*A*S*H (TV series)Abyssinia, HenryWelcome to KoreaGoodbye, Farewell and Amen

Question 4: At one point in the third season, Trapper began to experience stomach pains, the cause of which was soon determined to be a ________.
Bacillary dysenteryEnterotoxigenic Escherichia coliCampylobacteriosisPeptic ulcer

Question 5: However, that changed radically when ________ was cast as Hawkeye.
James L. BrooksAlan AldaDavid LettermanChevy Chase

Question 6: Much of the story line of Trapper John, M.D. revolved around the relationship between the ________ veteran Trapper John and Dr.
Cold WarKorean WarVietnam WarSino-Soviet border conflict

Question 7: Trapper apparently played football at ________.
Dartmouth CollegeBrown UniversityDartmouth Big GreenHarvard University

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