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Transvestic fetishism: Quiz


Question 1: nightgowns, babydolls, slips, and other types of nightwear, lingerie, stockings, pantyhose, shoes, and ________, items of a distinct feminine look and feel.
SandalPump (shoe)Athletic shoeBoot

Question 2:
Transvestic fetishism, Zoophilia and Sadomasochism are all:
Transgender Sexual and gender identity disorders Fetish clothing Paraphilias

Question 3: It differs from cross-dressing for entertainment or other purposes that do not involve sexual arousal and is categorized as a ________ in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association.
Sexual fetishismParaphiliaHuman sexualityBDSM

Question 4:
Transvestic fetishism, Corset and Fetish model are all:
Transgender Fetish clothing Paraphilias Sexual and gender identity disorders

Question 5:
Transvestic fetishism, Androgyny and Transgender are all:
Sexual fetishism Fashion-related fetishism Paraphilias Transgender

Question 6:
Transvestic fetishism, Sexual roleplay and Feminization (activity) are all:
Sexual roleplay Sexual fetishism Fetish clothing Transgender

Question 7: Some male transvestic fetishists collect women's ________, e.g.
Dress codeClothingWoolSilk

Question 8:
Transvestic fetishism, Clothing fetish and Shoe fetishism are all:
Sexual fetishism Fetish clothing Fashion-related fetishism Paraphilias

Question 9: [1] Occurence of transvestic fetishism is uncorrelated to occurence of ________[1].
TranswomanTranssexualismGender identity disorderTransgender

Question 10:
Transvestic fetishism, Erectile dysfunction and Premature ejaculation are all:
Sexual fetishism Paraphilias Fashion-related fetishism Sexual and gender identity disorders

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