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Question 1: One possible reason is to change the means of transport during the journey (for example from ship transport to ________), known as transloading.
AutomobileNonhuman animal-powered transportSemi-trailer truckRoad transport

Question 2: At a ________ cargo is transloaded from boxcars or covered wagons on one track to wagons on another track of a different gauge or containers are transloaded from flatcars one one track to flatcars on another track of a different gauge.
Dual gaugeNarrow gauge railwayBogie exchangeBreak-of-gauge

Question 3: However, it can also be a method used to disguise intent, as is the case with illegal logging, smuggling or ________ goods.
Grey marketUnited KingdomCanadaUnited States

Question 4: a change to another international deepsea ________)
ContainerizationIntermodal freight transportBulk carrierContainer ship


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