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Transposon: Quiz


Question 1: Gerald M. Rubin and Allan C. Spradling pioneered technology to use artificial P elements to insert genes into Drosophila by injecting the ________.
EmbryoPrenatal developmentEmbryogenesisFertilisation

Question 2: These include piRNAs and ________[13] which silence transposable elements after they have been transcribed.
Antisense RNASmall interfering RNASmall nucleolar RNAMicroRNA

Question 3: Transposons make up a large fraction of genome sizes which is evident through the C-values of ________ species.

Question 4: One study estimated the rate of transposition of a particular retrotransposon, the Ty1 element in ________.
FungusYeastSaccharomyces cerevisiaeProtein

Question 5: LINEs: encode reverse transcriptase, lack LTRs, transcribed by ________
TelomeraseRNA polymerase II holoenzymeGlucokinaseRNA polymerase II

Question 6: They seem to have first appeared in the ________ only in the middle of the twentieth century.
SpeciesLifeEvolutionBiological classification

Question 7: They may or may not have originated in the last universal common ancestor, or arisen independently multiple times, or perhaps arisen once and then spread to other kingdoms by ________[15].
BacteriaDNAMicroorganismHorizontal gene transfer

Question 8: A ________ fills in the resulting gaps from the sticky ends and DNA ligase closes the sugar-phosphate backbone.
Reverse transcriptaseDNA polymerase IDNA polymeraseTelomerase

Question 9: One family of transposons in the fruit fly ________ are called P elements.
InsectModel organismDrosophila melanogasterCaenorhabditis elegans

Question 10: The Alu sequence is approximately 300 bases long and can be found between 300,000 and a million times in the human ________.


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