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Transposition (music): Quiz


Question 1: In ________ transposition refers to the process of moving a collection of notes (pitches) up or down in pitch by a constant interval.
MusicMusical notationMusic theoryClassical music

Question 2: Similarly, one might transpose a ________ or an unordered collection of pitches such as a chord so that it begins on another pitch.
Twelve-tone techniquePermutation (music)Arnold SchoenbergTone row

Question 3: ________ transposition is routinely taught in Belgium and France.
Trill (music)Modern musical symbolsClefTransposing instrument

Question 4: Transpositional equivalence is a feature of ________.
Interval vectorTwelve-tone techniqueSet theory (music)Symmetry

Question 5: Seven clefs are used for this: treble, bass, baritone, and C-clefs on the four lowest lines; these allow any given staff position to correspond to each of the seven ________ names A through G.
OctaveSemitonePitch (music)Note


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