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Transposing instrument: Quiz


Question 1: Instruments in G (low) — sounding an ________ and a perfect fourth below what is written
SemitoneOctaveFifteenthInterval (music)

Question 2: For example, ________ come in various pitches (A, B, C, E), with music transposed appropriately for each so that the player can maintain the same fingerings for the same written notes.
ClarinetBass clarinetChalumeauBasset horn

Question 3: E ________ when written in treble clef (British brass band music)
EuphoniumTrumpetBrass instrumentTuba

Question 4: Instruments in CCC (super low) — sounding three ________ below what is written
SemitoneFifteenthOctaveInterval (music)

Question 5: Instruments in F — sounding a ________ lower than written
Major thirdSemitonePerfect fifthPerfect fourth

Question 6: Music for the contrabassoon and the double bass is written on the ________, one octave higher than concert pitch.
Modern musical symbolsTrill (music)ClefTransposing instrument

Question 7: Instruments in GG (very low) — sounding two ________ and a perfect fourth below what is written
Interval (music)FifteenthOctaveSemitone

Question 8: In the 17th and early 18th century, ________ were often treated as transposing instruments, as they were almost always tuned to the tonic and dominant notes.

Question 9:
  • B ________ (French notation in treble clef)
    Bass clarinetBasset hornClarinet choirClarinet concerto

Question 10: The ________ family contains instruments with different transpositions.
Alto fluteWestern concert fluteFlutePiccolo


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