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Transport in Norway: Quiz


Question 1: Road accidents killed 242 people and road transport caused 20% of ________ emissions.
Global warmingOzone depletionGreenhouse gasCarbon dioxide

Question 2: ________, bus and water bus services are normally operated by private companies on contract with the county or their public transport authority (such as Ruter or Vestviken Kollektivtrafikk).
TrolleybusBusPublic transport bus serviceBus advertising

Question 3: ________ (2008).
Norwegian Railway InspectorateNorwegian National Rail AdministrationNorwegian State RailwaysRail transport in Norway

Question 4: [8][9] It is hub for the two major Norwegian airlines Scandinavian Airlines System[10] and ________,[11] and for regional aircraft from Western Norway.
BraathensNorwegian Air Shuttle destinationsNorwegian Air ShuttleOslo Airport, Gardermoen

Question 5: Transport in Norway is highly influenced by ________'s low population density, narrow shape and long coastline.
GermanyPolandUnited StatesNorway

Question 6: See also: Road signs in Norway, ________.
Vehicle registration plates of SerbiaVehicle registration plates of EuropeVehicle registration plates of BulgariaVehicle registration plates of Norway

Question 7: [6] These are located mainly in Sogn og Fjordane and ________, in areas with long distances to large cities and with too little traffic to support commercial flights.
Northern NorwayNordlandTromsøFinnmark

Question 8: The most important national routes are part of the ________ scheme, and the two most prominent are the E6 going north-south through the entire country, while E39 follows the West Coast.
European route E65European route E60International E-road networkEuropean route E40

Question 9: [21] The entire network is owned by the Norwegian National Rail Administration,[22] while all domestic passenger trains except the Airport Express Train are operated by ________ (NSB).
Gardermoen LineNorwegian State RailwaysBaneserviceBergen Line

Question 10: [12] One service, to Værøy Airport, is served by ________.


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