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Question 1: Public transport may also involve the intermediate change of vehicle, within or across modes, at a transport hub, such as a bus or ________.
High-speed railTrain stationTramCommuter rail

Question 2: For instance, ________ connect airports to the city centers and suburbs.
LondonJohn F. Kennedy International AirportAirport rail linkNewark Liberty International Airport

Question 3:
What role did Oliver Marlo play in the movie Transport?

Question 4: [29] Energy use and emissions vary largely between modes, causing environmentalists to call for a transition from air and road to rail and human-powered transport, and increase transport electrification and ________.
Efficient energy usePlug-in hybridSustainable energyEnergy conservation

Question 5:
What role did Fabian Silén play in the movie Transport?
John Franc

Question 6: Cable transport is a broad mode where vehicles are pulled by ________ instead of an internal power source.
Coaxial cablePower cableCableCable (disambiguation)

Question 7:
Who played Karl the movie Transport?
Sampo Sarkola
Ole Puppe
Ole Puppe
Anatole Taubman

Question 8: Freight trains traditionally used box cars, requiring manual loading and unloading of the ________.
Intermodal freight transportIntermodal containerCargoContainerization

Question 9: Fixed-wing aircraft range from small trainers and recreational aircraft to large ________ and military cargo aircraft.
AirbusWide-body aircraftAirlinerBoeing 777

Question 10: Modern ________ has allowed machines to enhance human-power.
EngineeringArtificial intelligenceMiningTechnology

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