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Question 1: In Malaysia, ________ and Poland all cars used for testing (and because of that, virtually all those used for instruction as well) have a manual transmission.

Question 2: Many applications require the availability of multiple ________.
Transmission (mechanics)Differential (mechanical device)Gear ratioPowertrain

Question 3: Gearboxes have found use in a wide variety of different—often stationary—applications, such as ________.
Wind powerWindmillWind turbineUnconventional wind turbines

Question 4: Early transmissions included the right-angle drives and other gearing in windmills, ________-powered devices, and steam engines, in support of pumping, milling, and hoisting.
Arabian horseHorseDonkeyEquus (genus)

Question 5: Likewise installations powered by ________ are called diesel-electric.
Diesel engineInternal combustion engineTwo-stroke engineHot bulb engine

Question 6: If the hydraulic pump and/or hydraulic motor make use of the ________ effects of the fluid flow, i.e.
Fluid dynamicsFluid mechanicsSurface tensionViscosity

Question 7: Regardless of where they are used, these simple transmissions all share an important feature: the ________ cannot be changed during use.
PowertrainTransmission (mechanics)Differential (mechanical device)Gear ratio

Question 8: [citation needed] Manual transmissions are much more common than automatic transmissions in Asia, ________, South America and Europe.
AfricaAfrican UnionSub-Saharan AfricaScramble for Africa

Question 9: Diesel-electric arrangements are used on many railway locomotives, ships and large ________ trucks.
MiningMetallurgyArchaeologyMining engineering

Question 10: Most modern gearboxes are used to increase ________ while reducing the speed of a prime mover output shaft (e.g.
EnergyForceTorqueAngular momentum


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