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Transmembrane protein: Quiz


Question 1: Bacteriorhodopsin-like proteins including rhodopsin (see also ________)[2]

Question 2: Light harvesting complexes from ________ and chloroplasts [4]
BacteriaGram-negative bacteriaCorynebacteriumGram-positive bacteria

Question 3: ________: BtuCD, multidrug transporter, and molybdate uptake transporter
ATP-binding cassette transporterNa-K-Cl cotransporterABCA4P-glycoprotein

Question 4: ________ [6] from bacteria and mitochondria
MitochondrionNADH dehydrogenaseCytochrome c oxidaseCoenzyme Q – cytochrome c reductase

Question 5: Alpha-helical channels including ________
Ion channelSodium channelPotassium channelLigand-gated ion channel

Question 6: Outer membrane protein OpcA family (n=10,S=12) that includes outer membrane ________ OmpT and adhesin/invasin OpcA protein [51]
Serine proteaseProteaseCysteine proteaseAspartate protease

Question 7: A transmembrane protein is a ________ that spans the entire biological membrane.

Question 8: These proteins are so far found only in outer membranes of Gram-negative bacteria, ________ of Gram-positive bacteria, and outer membranes of mitochondria and chloroplasts.
Cell wallCell envelopePlastidMicrobiology

Question 9: ________ of neurotransmitter receptors (acetylcholine receptor) [23]
General bacterial porin familyPotassium channelSodium channelLigand-gated ion channel

Question 10: Voltage-gated ion channel like, including potassium channels KcsA and KvAP, and ________ Kirbac [19]
KCNB1Inward-rectifier potassium ion channelATP-sensitive potassium channelKCNJ12


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