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Transliteration: Quiz


Question 1: The use of the ________ is also used in this process whenever an English word does not have a signed equivalent.
Sign languageLatin alphabetFingerspellingGreek alphabet

Question 2: Transliteration of ancient Egyptian (see also ________)
Demotic (Egyptian)HieraticEgyptian hieroglyphsAncient Egyptian literature

Question 3: Transliteration is the practice of converting a text from one ________ into another in a systematic way.
Latin alphabetWriting systemAlphabetArabic alphabet

Question 4: Also, transliteration should not be confused with ________, which involves a change in language while preserving meaning.

Question 5:, Lingua::Translit, ________ module and online service covering a variety of writing systems
PHPLua (programming language)PerlPython (programming language)

Question 6: Slavic languages written in the Cyrillic or ________
Macedonian languageGlagolitic alphabetSerbian languageEarly Cyrillic alphabet

Question 7:, AzConvert, Open source program for transliterating latin and arabic scripts of ________ developed using Qt
Chuvash languageSakha languageAzerbaijani languageKazakh language

Question 8: ________
PseudoscienceList of Greek words with English derivativesPsychiatryAstrology

Question 9: Transliteration is opposed to transcription, which specifically maps the sounds of one ________ to the best matching script of another language.
LanguageSemanticsGottfried LeibnizAristotle

Question 10: Transliterated texts are often used in emails, blogs, and electronic correspondence where non-________ keyboards are unavailable.
Vulgar LatinLatinOld LatinRoman Empire


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