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Translational medicine: Quiz


Question 1: Translational Medicine is an emerging view of medical practice and interventional epidemiology, as a natural 21st century progression from ________.
Clinical trialEvidence-based medicineRandomized controlled trialOdds ratio

Question 2: Many pharmaceutical companies are building (phase 1) translational medicine groups to facilitate the interaction between basic research and clinical medicine, particularly in ________.
Placebo-controlled studyClinical trial protocolClinical trialMedical research

Question 3: It integrates research inputs from the basic sciences, social sciences and ________ to optimise both patient care and also preventive measures which may extend beyond the provision of healthcare services.
SociologyPhilosophyPolitical philosophyPolitical science

Question 4: In the case of ________ discovery and development, translational research typically refers to the translation of laboratory-based research into real therapies for real patients.
Psychoactive drugMDMADrugPhencyclidine

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