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Question 1: In regard to texts with limited ranges of vocabulary and simple sentence ________ (e.g., weather reports), machine translation can deliver results that do not require much human intervention to be useful.
StructureHierarchyEcosystemBiological organisation

Question 2: Fidelity (or "faithfulness") and fluency are two qualities that, for millennia, have been regarded as ideals to be striven for in translation, particularly ________ translation.

Question 3: Machine translation (MT) is a procedure whereby a computer program analyzes a ________ and produces a target text without further human intervention.
Secondary sourcePrimary sourceBookSource text

Question 4: [26] Such Latin translations of Greek and original Arab works of scholarship and science helped advance the development of European ________.
NominalismLogical positivismAristotleScholasticism

Question 5: A famous mistranslation of the ________ is the rendering of the Hebrew word קֶרֶן (keren), which has several meanings, as "horn" in a context where it actually means "beam of light".
Christianity and JudaismBiblical canonBibleNevi'im

Question 6: In ________, the spread of Buddhism led to large-scale ongoing translation efforts spanning well over a thousand years.

Question 7: During the ________, some translations of these Arabic versions were made into Latin, chiefly at Córdoba in Spain.
Middle AgesLate Middle AgesEarly Middle AgesHigh Middle Ages

Question 8: The most familiar types are translations presented as subtitles projected during ________ performances, those inserted into concert programs, and those that accompany commercial audio CDs of vocal music.
FachFrench operaOperaThe opera corpus

Question 9: In the translation community, it is generally accepted that the best translations are produced by persons who are translating into their own ________,[15] as it is rare for someone who has learned a second language to have total fluency in that language.
English languageFrench languageMultilingualismFirst language

Question 10: [citation needed] Similar examples are to be found in ________ literature, which adjusted the text to the customs and values of the audience.
History of ChristianityHistory of medieval ChristianityHistory of the Catholic ChurchTimeline of Christianity

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