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Transistor: Quiz


Question 1: The transistor is acting as a switch, and this type of operation is common in ________ where only "on" and "off" values are relevant.
Digital electronicsIntegrated circuitLogic gateComputer

Question 2: Modern transistor audio amplifiers of up to a few hundred ________ are common and relatively inexpensive.

Question 3: ________ Organic Field-Effect Transistor, in which the semiconductor is an organic compound
Organic field-effect transistorPolythiopheneOrganic semiconductorSilicon

Question 4: Some transistors are packaged individually but many more are found embedded in ________.
Electrical engineeringIntegrated circuitMOSFETCentral processing unit

Question 5: Links go to manufacturer datasheets, which are in ________ format.
OpenDocumentHTMLPortable Document FormatOffice Open XML

Question 6: Because the electron mobility is higher than the hole mobility for all semiconductor materials, a given bipolar ________ tends to be swifter than an equivalent PNP transistor type.
Bipolar junction transistorField-effect transistorMOSFETDiode

Question 7: Unlike IGFETs, the JFET gate forms a PN ________ with the channel which lies between the source and drain.
Vacuum tubeSemiconductor deviceDiodeElectronic component

Question 8: 2N7000 is a typical small-signal ________.
JFETField-effect transistorMOSFETBipolar junction transistor

Question 9: Semiconductor material: germanium, silicon, ________, silicon carbide, etc.
Gallium phosphideGallium nitrideGallium arsenideGallium antimonide

Question 10: Structure: BJT, JFET, IGFET (MOSFET), ________, "other types"
Insulated-gate bipolar transistorPower MOSFETPower semiconductor deviceField-effect transistor

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