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Transient lunar phenomenon: Quiz


Question 1: Nevertheless, the majority of transient lunar phenomenon reports are irreproducible and do not possess adequate control experiments that could be used to distinguish among alternative ________.
EmpiricismScientific methodHypothesisPlato

Question 2: It has been suggested that effects related to either ________ charging or discharging might be able to account for some of the transient lunar phenomena.
Maxwell's equationsLorentz forceElectrostaticsElectric charge

Question 3: On June 18, 1178, five or more monks from ________ reported an upheaval on the moon shortly after sunset.
CanterburyWhitstableHerne Bay, KentFordwich

Question 4: In support of the outgassing hypothesis, data from the ________ alpha particle spectrometer indicate the recent outgassing of radon to the surface.
Lunar ProspectorCassini–HuygensChandrayaan-1Galileo (spacecraft)

Question 5: [27], India's Moon Impact Probe and NASA's ________.
Cassini–HuygensLunar Precursor Robotic ProgramLCROSSLunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Question 6: One possibility is that ________ effects related to the fracturing of near-surface materials could charge any gases that might be present, such as implanted solar wind or radiogenic daughter products.
ElectromagnetismMaxwell's equationsClassical electromagnetismElectromagnetic radiation

Question 7: [23][24][25] Tables of impacts recorded by video cameras exist for years since 2005 many of which are associated with ________.
Meteor showerHalley's CometLeonidsComet

Question 8:
Transient lunar phenomenon, Lunar eclipse and Moonlight are all:
Lunar science Observing the Moon Mysteries Observational astronomy

Question 9: [26] Furthermore, impact clouds were detected following the crash of ESA's ________ spacecraft.
XenonMoonSMART-1Mercury (planet)

Question 10: During the night of April 19, 1787, the famous British astronomer ________ noticed three red glowing spots on the dark part of the moon.
UranusWilliam HerschelUmbriel (moon)Titania (moon)


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