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Transient global amnesia: Quiz


Question 1: [3] The observation that 7% of people who experience TGA will develop epilepsy calls into question whether those case are, in fact, TGA or ________ (TEA).
HallucinationTemporal lobe epilepsyTransient global amnesiaTransient epileptic amnesia

Question 2: Amnesia is often a symptom in ________, and for that reason people with known epilepsy are disqualified from most studies of TGA.
Partial seizureLafora diseaseGeneralised epilepsyEpilepsy

Question 3: If the event lasts less than one hour, ________ (TEA) might be implicated.
Transient global amnesiaEpilepsyTemporal lobe epilepsyTransient epileptic amnesia

Question 4: [8] In fact, "in comparison with TIA patients, TGA patients had a significantly lower risk of combined stroke, ________, and death."[22]
Coronary artery diseaseMyocardial infarctionIschaemic heart diseaseHeart failure

Question 5: There were no features of ________, or active epilepsy in the past two years, and the patient did not have any recent head injury.
Partial seizureGeneralised epilepsyLafora diseaseEpilepsy

Question 6: The attack was witnessed by a capable observer and reported as being a definite loss of recent memory (________).
Anterograde amnesiaRetrograde amnesiaPsychogenic amnesiaHM (patient)

Question 7: A history of ________ is a statistically significant risk factor identified in the medical literature.
MigraineCluster headacheTension headacheHeadache

Question 8: One current hypothesis is that TGA may be due to venous congestion of the brain,[24] leading to ischemia of structures involved with memory, such as the ________.
Cingulate gyrusCerebrumHippocampusDentate gyrus


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