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Transfusion medicine: Quiz


Question 1: ________ in 1628 discovered that blood circulates around the body.
William HarveyHeartArteryIbn al-Nafis

Question 2: In the UK there is a constant worry that a blood transfusion can lead to the transmission of ________.
Huntington's diseaseAIDS dementia complexCreutzfeldt–Jakob diseaseAlzheimer's disease

Question 3: The blood bank is the section of the clinical laboratory where medical technologists process and distribute blood products under the supervision of a medical director, often certified in ________ or Transfusion Medicine.
PathologyInfectious diseaseInfectionDisease

Question 4: Physicians from a wide range of backgrounds, including pathology, hematology, ________ and pediatrics, are eligible for board certification in Transfusion Medicine following a 1-2 year fellowship.
AnesthesiaPain managementPsychiatrySurgery

Question 5: Physicians certified in Transfusion Medicine are trained in blood product selection and management, immunohematology, ________, stem cell collection, cellular therapy, and coagulation.
Blood donationPlateletCoombs testApheresis

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