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Transformers (film): Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2: They leave to meet with the rest of the Autobot team—Optimus Prime, Jazz, ________, and Ratchet—who have landed on Earth and taken the forms of Earth vehicles as well.
IronhideThe Transformers (TV series)Transformers: UniverseShockwave (Transformers)

Question 3:
What studio produced Transformers (film)?
Universal Pictures
Di Bonaventura Pictures
Le Pacte

Question 4:
Who did the editing for Transformers (film)?
Glen Scantlebury
Alex Anstey
Al Clark
Truman K. Wood

Question 5:
Where does Transformers (film) come from?
Great Britain
United States

Question 6: [1] The film was released in ten international markets on June 28, 2007, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the ________.
Papua New GuineaEast TimorPhilippinesUnited States

Question 7:
Which of the following titles did Transformers (film) have?
Senator for New South Wales
Is This Thing On?

Question 8:
Who of these people produced Transformers (film)?

Question 9: [5] They met with comic book writer Simon Furman, and cited the ________ cartoon and comics as their main influence.
Transformers: Generation 1Transformers: UniverseTransformersThe Transformers (TV series)

Question 10: The company also shot at the ________ and the Pentagon, the first time since the September 11, 2001, attacks that film crews had been allowed at these locations.
Salton SeaColorado National MonumentColorado RiverHoover Dam

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