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Transformers: Generation 2: Quiz


Question 1: ________ produced a gritty, 12 issue Transformers: Generation 2 comic book series.
Marvel EntertainmentMarvel StudiosMarvel ComicsMarvel Animation

Question 2: Despite the 3 Cyberjet molds being sold as 3 Autobot and 3 Decepticon characters respectively, 2 of the Autobots (________ and Strafe) were decaled with G2 Decepticon emblems on their tailfins.
Transformers: UniverseJetfireSoundwave (Transformers)Shockwave (Transformers)

Question 3: The Go-Bots were 1:64 scale cars (compatible with some ________ and Matchbox tracks) that transformed into equally small robots carrying guns.
Ford Motor CompanyHot WheelsMuscle carHot Wheels AcceleRacers

Question 4: Generation 2 Transformers toys were notable because of the changed ________ and Decepticon symbols, changes made to the toys for child safety purposes, and the common use of bright vivid colors.
AutobotBotConTransformers: UniverseThe Transformers (TV series)

Question 5: As a part of the Generation 2 line, several characters were given new forms, such as Megatron becoming a tank due to the efforts of Cobra in ________ (Marvel) #139.
Cobra CommanderG.I. JoeG.I. Joe (comics)G.I. Joe: Sigma 6

Question 6: Transformers: Generation 2 (also known as Generation Two or G2) is the name used to refer to a Transformers toy line, television series and ________ series which ran from 1993-1995.
Comic bookGraphic novelAmerican comic bookComics

Question 7: Alignment - ________'s prose conclusion to the Generation 2 comic book and overall, the Marvel Comics continuity
Christos GageSimon FurmanDan AbnettAndy Lanning


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