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Question 1: Early ________ audio power amplifiers often had output transformers, but they were eliminated as designers discovered how to design amplifiers without them.
TransistorSemiconductor deviceIntegrated circuitBipolar junction transistor

Question 2: Special ________ pulse transformers are also used to generate high power pulses for radar, particle accelerators, or other high energy pulsed power applications.
Tesla coilElectrical breakdownHigh voltageNikola Tesla

Question 3: Ignition coil or induction coil used in the ________ of a petrol engine
CarburetorThrottleNaturally-aspirated engineIgnition system

Question 4: Such transformers may be nothing more than a few turns of wire soldered onto a ________.
Gerber FilePrinted circuit boardSchematic captureSurface-mount technology

Question 5: Such circuits are commonly referred to as ________, although the audio waveform is a changing voltage.
TransformerConstant voltage speaker systemElectric power transmissionLoudspeaker

Question 6: A pulse transformer is a transformer that is optimised for transmitting rectangular electrical pulses (that is, pulses with fast rise and fall times and a relatively constant ________).
Crest factorMeasuring instrumentAmplitudeWave

Question 7: When the primary coil is driven by a periodic source of ________, such as a square or sawtooth wave at the resonant frequency, each pulse of current helps to build up an oscillation in the secondary coil.
Electric currentAlternating currentElectricityTransformer

Question 8: A resonant transformer operates at the resonant frequency of one or more of its coils and (usually) an external ________.
Electronic componentCapacitorInductorCapacitance

Question 9: Specially constructed wideband CTs are also used, usually with an ________, to measure high frequency waveforms or pulsed currents within pulsed power systems.
Cathode ray tubeMultimeterOscilloscopeAnalog-to-digital converter

Question 10: Ferrite core power transformers are widely used in ________ (SMPSes).
CapacitorInductorSwitched-mode power supplyDC-to-DC converter


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