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Transfer-matrix method (optics): Quiz


Question 1: This derivation is more general than the one above, including light that is incident at a non-normal angle, and with specific ________.
OpticsMaxwell's equationsPolarization (waves)Polarizer

Question 2: [1] This is for example relevant for the design of ________ and dielectric mirrors.
OpticsAnti-reflective coatingOptical fiberTransparency and translucency

Question 3: The reflection of light from a single interface between two media is described by the ________.
Anti-reflective coatingFresnel equationsSpecular reflectionRefractive index

Question 4: The transfer-matrix method is a method used in optics and ________ to analyze the propagation of electromagnetic or acoustic waves through a stratified (layered) medium.
Classical mechanicsAcousticsThermodynamicsPhysics


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