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Transept: Quiz


Question 1: In a metro station or similar construction, a transept is a space over the platforms and tracks of a station with side platforms, containing the ________ between the platforms.
Truss bridgeBridgeCable-stayed bridgeArch bridge

Question 2: The transept separates the nave from the ________, whether apse, choir, chevet, presbytery or chancel.
SanctuaryOrthodox ChurchAltarBishop

Question 3: At St. Vitus Cathedral, ________, only the choir and part of a southern transept were completed until a renewed building campaign in the 19th century.

Question 4: The transept is the area set crosswise to the nave in a cruciform ("cross-shaped") building in Romanesque and Gothic ________ church architecture.
ChristianJesusChristianityCatholic Church

Question 5: Upon its four piers, the crossing may support a spire, a central tower (see ________) or a crossing dome.
Winchester CathedralExeter CathedralHereford CathedralGloucester Cathedral

Question 6: Occasionally, the ________ and the church and cathedral planning that descended from them were built without transepts; sometimes the transepts were reduced to matched chapels.

Question 7: Since the ________ is usually located at the east end of a church, a transept extends to the north and south.
Altar clothAltarBishopGospel (liturgy)

Question 8: Placing the bridge in a transept rather than an enclosed ________ allows passengers to see the platforms, creating a less cramped feeling and making orientation easier.
TunnelInfrastructureLondonUnited Kingdom

Question 9: The north and south end walls often hold decorated windows of stained glass, such as ________, in stone tracery.
Romanesque architectureGothic architectureItalyRose window


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