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Question 1: Load cell converts force to mV/V electrical signal using ________
Strain gaugeElectrical conductivityPiezoresistive effectElectrical resistance

Question 2: Gramophone pick-up - (air pressure → motion________ → signal)
Magnetic fieldMagnetic momentMaxwell's equationsMagnetism

Question 3: ________ (CRT) - converts electrical signals into visual form
Liquid crystal displayOrganic LEDPlasma displayCathode ray tube

Question 4: Sonar transponder (water pressure → motion of conductor/coil → ________ → signal)
Maxwell's equationsMagnetic fieldMagnetic momentMagnetism

Question 5:

Question 6: ________ - converts sound into an electrical signal (air pressure → motion of conductor/coil → magnetic field → signal)
Hard disk driveMicrophoneCentral processing unitSound card

Question 7: For example, a pressure sensor might detect ________ (a mechanical form of energy) and convert it to electricity for display at a remote gauge.
PressurePressure measurementForceTemperature

Question 8: Transducers may be categorized by application: ________, actuator, or combination.
SensorAccuracy and precisionSenseProtein

Question 9: A transducer is a device that converts one type of ________ to another.

Question 10: The conversion can be to/from ________, electro-mechanical, electromagnetic, photonic, photovoltaic, or any other form of energy.
ElectricityMagnetic fieldElectric chargeElectric current


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