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Transcription factor: Quiz


Question 1: [17] The preinitiation complex binds to ________ regions of DNA upstream to the gene that they regulate.
PromoterEnhancer (genetics)Prokaryotic transcriptionTranscription (genetics)

Question 2: Many proteins that are active in the nucleus contain ________ that direct them to the nucleus.
Amino acidImportinNuclear poreNuclear localization signal

Question 3: DNA-binding domain (DBD), which attach to specific sequences of DNA (enhancer or ________ sequences) adjacent to regulated genes.
Prokaryotic transcriptionTranscription (genetics)OperonPromoter

Question 4: This technology is based on ________, providing the specific DNA-binding sequence for the transcription factor protein on the array surface.
OpticsSol-gelOptical fiberDNA microarray

Question 5: In eukaryotes, genes that are not being actively transcribed are often located in ________.

Question 6: For example, although the consensus binding site for the ________ (TBP) is TATAAAA, the TBP transcription factor can also bind similar sequences such as TATATAT or TATATAA.
TATA-binding proteinRetinoblastoma proteinMycC-jun

Question 7: [18] Responding to cues (stimuli), these transcription factors turn on/off the transcription of the appropriate genes, which, in turn, allows for changes in cell morphology or activities needed for cell fate determination and ________.
Stem cellCellular differentiationStem cell treatmentsAdult stem cell

Question 8: [63] In addition, transcription factors are often indirectly modulated by drugs through ________.
Signal transductionMembrane receptorReceptor (biochemistry)Lipid signaling

Question 9:
  • II.B.1 extracellular ligand-dependent - ________
    Nuclear receptorTranscription factorEstrogen receptorAndrogen receptor

Question 10:
  • histone acetyltransferase (HAT) activity – acetylates ________ proteins, which weakens the association of DNA with histones, which make the DNA more accessible to transcription and thereby upregulate transcription
    HistoneChromatinHistone H4Histone H3


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