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Question 1: Transcription as a mapping from sound to script must be distinguished from ________, which creates a mapping from one script to another that is designed to match the original script as directly as possible.
RomanizationTransliterationCyrillic alphabetWriting system

Question 2: In this table IPA is an example of phonetic transcription of the name of the former Russian president known in English as ________, followed by accepted hybrid forms in various languages.
PerestroikaRonald ReaganBoris YeltsinMikhail Gorbachev

Question 3: One ancient example is the ________ word dhyāna ("contemplation", "meditation") which was transcribed into the Chinese word ch'anna through Buddhist scriptures; next shortened into ch'an.

Question 4: Transcription is often confused with ________, due to a common journalistic practice of mixing elements of both in rendering foreign names.
Writing systemCyrillic alphabetTransliterationRomanization

Question 5: Ch'an (禪), pronounced zen in Japanese, used as the name of the Buddhist sect of "Chan" (________), was transcribed from Japanese (ゼン zen) to zen in English.
ZenGuan YinPure Land BuddhismVajrayana

Question 6: (See also ________.)
Daoism–Taoism romanization issueTao Te ChingWuji (philosophy)Qi

Question 7: More recent Pinyin transliterations produce ________ and Daoism.
BuddhismTaoTaoismEast Asian religions

Question 8: Standard transcription schemes for linguistic purposes include the ________ (IPA), and its ASCII equivalent, SAMPA.
International Phonetic AlphabetX-SAMPAVoiceless alveolar fricativeVelar nasal

Question 9: For instance, the word describing a philosophy or religion in China was popularized in English as ________ and given the termination -ism to produce an English word Taoism. That transcription reflects the Wade-Giles system.
PantheismBuddhismTaoEast Asian religions

Question 10: It can also mean the conversion of a written source into another medium, as by scanning ________ and making digital versions.


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