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Transcendental Meditation movement: Quiz


Question 1: The foundation of the ________ in 1974 falls into this period.
Ashford UniversityMaharishi University of ManagementUniversity of IowaIowa State University

Question 2: TM has introduced to the West the "scientistic version of Hinduism" developed in late 19th century Hindu revivalism by ________, Swami Vivekananda and others, i.e.
Swami ShraddhanandSwami Dayananda SaraswatiDavid FrawleyA. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Question 3: ________[67][68][69] is considered an alternative medicine and aims at being a complementary system to modern western medicine.
Deepak ChopraTranscendental MeditationMaharishi Vedic Approach to HealthTranscendental Meditation movement

Question 4: He notes similarities between progression in TM and progression within ________ (In Scientology progression from "Basic" to "Operating Theten" and in TM from basic TM instruction to the TM-Sidhi program).
Scientology status by countryScientology controversiesXenuScientology

Question 5: Instead, as is the case for ________, it is only the core membership, who must give total dedication to the movement.
Scientology status by countryXenuScientologyScientology controversies

Question 6: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic University, also known as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwavidyalaya (MMYVV), is a public university located in Katni, Madhya Pradesh, ________.
Lok SabhaResearch and Analysis WingIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementIndia

Question 7: In 1972 in ________, Spain, the Maharishi announced his World Plan to establish one Transcendental Meditation teaching center for each million of the world's population.
Palma, MajorcaMajorcaIbizaMinorca

Question 8: [2][3] Besides the TM technique proper, the TM movement also advocates the "advanced" TM-Sidhi program including "Yogic flying", Maharishi Vedic Science, Maharishi Vedic Medicine and ________.
David Lynch FoundationTranscendental Meditation movementMaharishi Sthapatya VedaMaharishi Mahesh Yogi

Question 9: One aspect of the TM-Sidhi program, called ________, is said to develop mind-body coordination.
John HagelinTM-Sidhi programTranscendental Meditation movementTranscendental Meditation

Question 10: [82] In Witchcraft and Magic: Contemporary North America, Barger describes the Maharishi's teaching, particularly on the claimed exponential effects of the Maharishi Effect, as ________.
PostmillennialismAmillennialismCovenant theologyPremillennialism


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