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Transceiver: Quiz


Question 1: An example of a transceiver would be a walkie-talkie, or a ________.
Family Radio ServiceCitizens' band radioAmateur radio repeaterAmateur radio

Question 2: Fibre-optic gigabit and ________ utilize transceivers known as GBIC, SFP, XFP, and XAUI.
Category 6 cable10 Gigabit Ethernet8P8CCategory 7 cable

Question 3: In ________ terminology, a transceiver means a unit which contains both a receiver and a transmitter.
RadioRadio broadcastingAmateur radioMicrowave

Question 4: A transceiver is a device that has both a ________ and a receiver which are combined and share common circuitry or a single housing.
TransmitterBroadcast engineeringRadio masts and towersAmateur radio

Question 5: Almost every modern amateur radio equipment is now a transceiver but there is an active market for pure radio receivers, mainly for ________ operators.
BBC World ServiceCommunications receiverRadio broadcastingShortwave listening

Question 6: On a wired ________, the handset contains the transmitter and receiver for the audio and in the 20th century was usually wired to the base unit by Tinsel wire.
TelephoneTelephone exchangeTelephone related articlesAlexander Graham Bell

Question 7: A cordless telephone uses an audio and radio transceiver for the handset, and a radio transceiver for the ________.
Base stationMobile radioAutomatic vehicle locationTwo-way radio

Question 8: The whole unit is colloquially referred to as a "receiver." On a ________ or other radiotelephone, the entire unit is a transceiver, for both audio and radio.
Smartphone4GMobile phoneUniversal Mobile Telecommunications System

Question 9: A ________ is similar to a transceiver, in that it sends and receives a signal, but a modem uses modulation and demodulation.
Wi-FiDial-up Internet accessOrthogonal frequency-division multiplexingModem


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