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Question 1: The enzymes are important in the production of various amino acids, and measuring the ________ of various transaminases in the blood is important in the diagnosing and tracking many diseases.
SolventConcentrationSolubilityTotal dissolved solids

Question 2: Transaminases require the coenzyme pyridoxal-phosphate, which is converted into ________ in the first phase of the reaction, when an amino acid is converted into a keto acid.
PimagedinePyridoxaminePyridoxal phosphatePyridoxine

Question 3: ________ - a GABA transaminase inhibitor
PregabalinGabapentinValproic acidTiagabine

Question 4: Specifically, this reaction (transamination) involves removing the ________ from the amino acid, leaving behind an α-keto acid, and transferring it to the reactant α-keto acid and converting it into an amino acid.

Question 5: Animals must metabolize proteins to amino acids, at the expense of muscle tissue, when ________ is low.
Blood plasmaReference ranges for blood testsGlycated hemoglobinBlood sugar

Question 6: In biochemistry, a transaminase or an aminotransferase is an enzyme that catalyzes a type of reaction between an ________ and an α-keto acid.
Amino acid synthesisMetabolismL-DOPAAmino acid

Question 7: Enzyme-bound pyridoxamine in turn reacts with pyruvate, oxaloacetate, or alpha-ketoglutarate, giving alanine, aspartic acid, or ________, respectively.
DizocilpineGlutamic acidGlutamineNitrous oxide


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