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Question 1: The trial was unsuccessful due to the batteries poor capacity, and the promoters' deaths in a ________ accident shortly after precluded further experiments.
Level crossingRussiaBeijingNarrow gauge railway

Question 2: [2] Although two trials of street level ________ were run, the state of Adelaide's streets, with mud in winter and dust in summer, lead to the decision that they would not be reliable.
TrainPassenger car (rail)Rail transportTrain station

Question 3: ________
Bridgewater railway line, AdelaideState Transport Authority (South Australia)Adelaide Railway StationTransAdelaide

Question 4: The horses' ________ needed an unsealed surface for absorption and their hooves a soft surface for good traction.

Question 5: As a result the ________ passed an 1876 private act, authorising construction of Adelaide's first horse tram network.
South Australian state election, 1993South Australian state election, 2002South Australian state election, 2006Government of South Australia

Question 6: In recent years the line has been extended again through the city to the ________ and shortly will run as far as the Adelaide Entertainment Centre in Hindmarsh.
Salisbury Interchange, AdelaideAdelaide Railway StationTransAdelaideGoodwood railway station, Adelaide

Question 7: Adelaide ran horse trams from 1878 to 1914 and electric trams from 1909, but has primarily relied on buses for ________ since 1958.
TaxicabPublic transportLight railRapid transit

Question 8: The Adelaide-Glenelg line was, from 1873, a ________ steam railway that ran at street level into Victoria Square.
Broad gaugeRail gaugeBreak-of-gaugeNarrow gauge railway

Question 9: [46] A planned purchase of large trams was delayed by ________.
Western Front (World War I)World War ICaucasus CampaignArmenian Genocide

Question 10: After the ________, the maintenance of the tramway system and the purchase of new trams suffered.
United StatesGreat DepressionFederal Reserve SystemRepublican Party (United States)


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