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Tram accident: Quiz


Question 1: The victims of tram accidents did not suffer injuries of the highest severity like ________.
SurgeryICD-9-CM Volume 3AmputationUnited States

Question 2: The fire brigades may carry special tools for tram accidents, like heavy ________ tools, grounding equipment, and hydraulic lifting jacks for trams.
Certified first responderFirefightingVehicle extricationEmergency medical services

Question 3: In ________, a majority of 60 % of fatally injured persons were under the incluence of alcohol [5].
BoråsGothenburg MunicipalityGothenburgTrollhättan

Question 4: Accidents happened while crossing the track, one child ran against a tram, one child was crossing at a ________ or looked at wrong traffic lights.
United KingdomJaywalkingPedestrian crossingRoad

Question 5: A tram can ________ after a collision, in case of broken track, if any object on the rail lifts the wheel from the track, in case of junction failure, or if a tram drives at far too high speed into a junction or curve.
Tram accidentTrain wreckSignal passed at dangerDerailment

Question 6: Lifting points can be marked for ________ to help rescuers to find safe and strong enough parts of the tram when e.g.
Fire apparatusFirefighterFirefighting worldwideFirefighting

Question 7: The most common reason for ________ was a multiorgan failure.
DeathImmortalityDeath and cultureBurial

Question 8: Even ________, non-movement fatalities like falling from a bridge to electric lines, fires at stations, and "bridge strikes" (a vehicle hits railway bridge structures) can be marked in railway accident statistics[3].
EuthanasiaDeath and cultureCremationSuicide

Question 9: Interestingly, the most slippery ________ for trams is not necessarily an icy winter, but seasons when leaves fall from trees.
Spring (season)WeatherPrecipitation (meteorology)Season

Question 10: A repair truck with an ________ checks and repairs the pantographs and overhead lines.
Crane (machine)Cherry pickerFire apparatusAerial work platform


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