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Train station: Quiz


Question 1: Châtelet-Les Halles, in the centre of ________, is the busiest underground railway station in the world.
ParisVersaillesMarseilleÉvry, Essonne

Question 2: The world's busiest passenger station, in terms of daily passenger throughput, is Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, ________.
United KingdomJapanCambodiaCanada

Question 3: The largest and most famous rail terminus in the United States is ________ in New York City, United States.
ManhattanPennsylvania Station (New York City)Grand Central TerminalGrand Central Art Galleries

Question 4: Stations in Europe tended to follow British designs, and were in some countries, like ________, financed by British railway companies.

Question 5: Clapham Junction, in south ________, is Europe's busiest railway station by daily rail traffic (one train every 13 seconds at peak times; one train every 30 seconds at off-peak times).

Question 6: A railway stop is a spot along a railway line, usually between stations or at a seldom-used station, where passengers can board and exit the ________.
Train stationRail transportPassenger car (rail)Train

Question 7: In many African and South American countries, and in many places in ________, stations are used as a place for public markets and other informal business.
Research and Analysis WingIndiaLok SabhaIndia and the Non-Aligned Movement

Question 8: In some countries, stations may also have a bar or ________.
BeerBrewingAlcoholic beveragePublic house

Question 9: Ticket sales may also be combined with customer service desks or ________.
Convenience store7-ElevenSheetzWawa (convenience store)

Question 10: arranging for the service to be provided by a ________, or push-pull train, both of which are capable of operating in either direction.
Multiple unitPassenger car (rail)Commuter railDiesel multiple unit

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