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Trail: Quiz


Question 1: The second type of problem is caused because trails, by their nature, tend to become ________ channels and eventually gullies if the drainage is not properly controlled.

Question 2: Recent decades have seen an explosion of interest in ________, both on the street and also off-road.
CyclingBicycleSustainable transportUtility cycling

Question 3: In the ________ many trails and footpaths are of ancient origin and are protected under law as rights of way.
United KingdomCanadaEnglandWales

Question 4: The ________ provides the following definition.
Webster's DictionaryGerman languageEnglish languageSwedish language

Question 5: Using timbers or rocks for this purpose also creates ________ barriers.
ErosionRiver deltaDuneMouth bar

Question 6: For example, in California new trails must undergo reviews specified by the ________ (CEQA).
California Environmental Quality ActBerkeley Daily PlanetCalifornia Environmental Protection AgencyLos Angeles Daily News

Question 7: Trail systems maintained by government entities may explicitly designate recreational trails as being restricted to pedestrian or ________ traffic or may place other restrictions depending on the intended use.
BicycleUnicycleBicycle trailerRecumbent bicycle

Question 8: In the United Kingdom and United States, the word footpath is also used to mean a trail; however in Australian English, New Zealand English, Indian English this word means "sidewalk" (________) or "pavement" (British English).
English languageAlaskaCanadian EnglishAmerican English

Question 9: In ________, the word track is used almost exclusively except in reference to cross-country skiing, where trail is used.
United KingdomNauruAustraliaNew Zealand

Question 10: A wide variety of surface materials are used, including ________ paving and compressed stone dust.


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