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Tragedy of the commons: Quiz


Question 1: The phrase is ________ for a structural relationship and the consequences of that relationship, not a precise description of it.
ShorthandGerman languageLatinGregg shorthand

Question 2: ________ and classical liberals often cite the tragedy of the commons as an example of what happens when Lockean property rights to homestead resources are prohibited by a government.
Individualist anarchismLibertarianismAnarcho-capitalismRobert Nozick

Question 3: ________ - Water pollution, Water crisis of over-extraction of groundwater and wasting water due to overirrigation[19]
OxygenEarthWater resourcesWater

Question 4: The tragedy of the commons is referred to in studies of evolutionary biology, social evolution, ________ and behavioral ecology.
Sociocultural evolutionSociologySociobiologyEvolutionary psychology

Question 5: A tragedy of the commons is brought about by selfish individuals whose genes for selfish behaviour would therefore come to predominate, so the metaphor cannot explain how ________ arises.
AltruismConscienceEastern philosophyVirtue

Question 6: As a ________, the tragedy of the commons should not be taken too literally.

Question 7: In the context of avoiding over-exploitation of common resources, Hardin concludes by restating Hegel's maxim (which was quoted by Engels), "liberty is the recognition of want." He suggests that "________" completes the tragedy of the commons.
LibertyCultureHuman rightsProperty

Question 8: Other situations exemplifying the "tragedy of the commons" include ________ caused by driving cars.
Air pollutionWater pollutionMarine pollutionPollution

Question 9: [6] A major theme running throughout the essay is the growth of human populations, with the ________'s resources being a general common.

Question 10: ________ - Habitat destruction and poaching leading to the Holocene mass extinction[21]


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