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Tragedy: Quiz


Question 1: The plays are generally short compared to later playwrights and most of them draw the theme from the Indian epics, Mahabharata and ________.
SitaRamayanaHanumanSundara Kanda

Question 2: Tragedy results in a ________ (emotional cleansing) or healing for the audience through their experience of these emotions in response to the suffering of the characters in the drama.
PsychotherapyCatharsisPsychoanalysisRational emotive behavior therapy

Question 3: In Poetics, Aristotle gave the following definition in ________ of the word "tragedy" (τραγωδία):
Attic GreekDoric GreekAeolic GreekAncient Greek

Question 4:
Tragedy, Protagonist and Orchestra are all:
Tragedy History of theatre Theatrical genres Ancient Greek theatre

Question 5: The classical Greek and Roman tragedy was largely forgotten in Western Europe from the Middle Ages to the beginning of 16th century, and theatre in this period was dominated by mystery plays, morality plays, farces and ________.
Mystery playChester Mystery PlaysYorkYork Mystery Plays

Question 6: ________'s essay "Tragedy and the Common Man" (1949) argues that tragedy may also depict ordinary people in domestic surroundings.
Arthur MillerThe CrucibleAll My SonsA View from the Bridge

Question 7:
Tragedy, Philosophy and Law are all:
Tragedy Ancient Greek theatre History of theatre Humanities

Question 8: [13] ________ began to write Roman tragedies, thus creating some of the first important works of Roman literature.
Livius AndronicusLivyGnaeus NaeviusOld Latin

Question 9: The celebrated ancient Indian epic, ________, can also be related to tragedy in some ways.
KrishnaBhagavad GitaMahabharataKurukshetra War

Question 10: He traced the evolution of tragedy from early rituals, through the joining of Apollonian and Dionysian forces, until its early "death" in the hands of ________.

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