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Question 1: The tragedy of the Western world since the ________ is, in his view, that it has lost almost any contact with the Sophia Perennis and the Sacred.
RenaissanceWestern art historyItalian RenaissanceBaroque

Question 2: Critics of Traditionalism cite its popularity among the European ________,[4] and claim it to be a anti-democratic, anti-modern, anti-liberal ideology critical of modernity and the bourgeois constitutional state.
Nouvelle DroiteGroupement de recherche et d'études pour la civilisation européenneJulius EvolaAlain de Benoist

Question 3: More generally the great traditions of Asia - (________, Taoism and Mahayana Buddhism) - play a paradigmatic function in his writings.
VyasaAdvaita VedantaAdi ShankaraVishishtadvaita

Question 4: It could be argued that Traditionalism has a strong, although discreet, impact in the field of comparative religion and particularly on the young ________, although he was not himself a member of this school.
AtheismGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelMircea EliadeGnosticism

Question 5: The term philosophia perennis first appears in the ________.
RenaissanceWestern art historyBaroqueItalian Renaissance

Question 6: In the Traditionalist view ________ is more than the complement of exoterism, the spirit as opposed to the letter, the kernel with respect to the shell.
ReligionMysticismNew AgeEsotericism

Question 7: By "Supreme Identity", Guénon and Schuon do not refer to the personal ________ of exoteric theology but to a suprapersonal Essence, the Beyond-Being, the Absolute both totally transcendent and immanent to the manifestation.

Question 8: ________, Forgotten Truth: The Common Vision of the World's Religions (1976), reprint ed.
Huston SmithRené GuénonTimothy LearyRam Dass

Question 9: For Guénon, the author of the Crisis of the Modern World, the end of this descending process is ________ itself, which manifests the lowest possibilities of the Kali Yuga.
Modern historySociologyModernityModernism

Question 10: ________, Knowledge and the Sacred (1989) ISBN 0-7914-0177-4
Riaz Ahmed Gohar ShahiSufi studiesAl-GhazaliHossein Nasr


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