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Traditional music: Quiz


Question 1: The narratives of traditional songs often also remember folk heroes such as John Henry to ________.
Friar TuckRobin HoodWill ScarletMaid Marian

Question 2: Western musical notation was originally created to preserve the lines of ________, which before its invention was taught as an oral tradition in monastic communities.
Pope Gregory ICatholic ChurchTransubstantiationGregorian chant

Question 3: This encompasses such forms as traditional ________, much of which was meant originally for oral performance, sometimes accompanied by instruments.
NovelNational epicEpic poetryNarrative poetry

Question 4: For instance, ________ campaigned, with some success, to have English traditional songs (in his own heavily edited and expurgated versions) to be taught to schoolchildren.
Morris danceEnglandRalph Vaughan WilliamsCecil Sharp

Question 5: These included ________ and Ralph Vaughan Williams in England and Béla Bartók in Hungary.
Percy GraingerLondonUnited StatesAustralia

Question 6: ________ and nonsense verse also are frequent subjects of traditional songs.
Nursery rhymeBaa, Baa, Black SheepChildren's songCock Robin

Question 7: Traditional music is the term now used in the terminology of ________ for what used to be called "folk music".
Grammy AwardLatin Grammy AwardsTEC AwardsMusic industry

Question 8: ________ By Harry Smith
Anthology of American Folk Music, Vol. 4Anthology of American Folk MusicBob DylanBlues

Question 9: Other forms of traditional narrative verse relate the outcomes of ________ and other tragedies or natural disasters.
Military strategyBattleSiegeMilitary history

Question 10: Apart from instrumental music that forms a part of traditional music, especially ________ traditions, much traditional music is vocal music, since the instrument that makes such music is usually handy.
B-boyingBallroom danceDance musicSwing (dance)


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