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Question 1: Before true animation begins, a preliminary ________ or "scratch track" is recorded, so that the animation may be more precisely synchronized to the soundtrack.
Video game musicTill the Clouds Roll ByFilm scoreSoundtrack

Question 2: The term "traditional animation" is often used in contrast with the now more commonly used ________.
Computer animation2D computer graphics3D computer graphicsMotion capture

Question 3: The popular music video for A-ha's song "________" also featured rotoscoped animation, along with live action.
Take on MeThe Living Daylights (song)The Sun Always Shines on T.V.The Blood That Moves the Body

Question 4: Notable examples can be found in movies such as Fantasia, Wizards, The Lord of the Rings, The Little Mermaid, ________ and The Thief and the Cobbler.
The Land Before TimeThe Secret of NIMHAll Dogs Go to HeavenSullivan Bluth Studios

Question 5: These backgrounds are generally done in gouache or ________, although some animated productions have used backgrounds done in watercolor, oil paint, or even crayon.
Acrylic paintSam GoldenWatercolor paintingWash (painting)

Question 6: Rotoscoping is a method of traditional animation invented by ________ in 1915, in which animation is "traced" over actual film footage of actors and scenery.
Fleischer StudiosDave FleischerBetty BoopMax Fleischer

Question 7: It is now also possible for animators to draw directly into a computer using a graphics tablet, ________ or a similar device, where the outline drawings are done in a similar manner as they would be on paper.
Linux kernelJapanUniversal Serial BusWacom

Question 8: Traditionally-animated productions, just like other forms of animation, usually begin life as a storyboard, which is a script of sorts written with images as well as words, similar to a giant ________.
ComicsComic strip formatsNational Cartoonists SocietyComic strip

Question 9: Bar sheets show the relationship between the on-screen action, the dialogue, and the actual ________ used in the score.
Classical musicMusical scaleMusical notationMusic theory

Question 10: Waking Life is a full-length, rotoscoped animated movie, as is ________ by Ralph Bakshi.
Heavy TrafficAmerican PopCoonskin (film)Fritz the Cat (film)

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