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Trade union: Quiz


Question 1: Although their political structure and autonomy varies widely, union leaderships are usually formed through democratic ________.
GerrymanderingElectionReferendumElectoral reform

Question 2: The most common, but by no means only, purpose of these organizations is "maintaining or improving the conditions of their ________".
EmploymentWage slaveryUnemploymentFlextime

Question 3: Following the decline of the NLU, the ________ became the leading countrywide union in the 1860s.
Terence V. PowderlyKnights of LaborAmerican Federation of LaborIndustrial Workers of the World

Question 4: Attempts by an employer, often with the help of outside agencies, to prevent union membership amongst their staff is known as ________.
Union bustingStrike actionAnti-union organizations in the United StatesLabor spies

Question 5: The knights were strongly for the ________ of 1882 because it greatly helped them deteriorate the Asian community.
SinophobiaRacial segregationRacismChinese Exclusion Act

Question 6: In the United States, state level ________ laws mandate the open shop in some states.
KansasPennsylvaniaArkansasRight-to-work law

Question 7: The 18th century economist ________ noted the imbalance in the rights of workers in regards to owners (or "masters").
Jeremy BenthamDavid HumeAdam SmithImmanuel Kant

Question 8: Typically this is a ________, socialist, or social democratic party, but many exceptions exist.
Left-wing politicsMarxismCommunismSocialism

Question 9: In ________, Germany, and other European countries, socialist parties and democrats played a prominent role in forming and building up trade unions, especially from the 1870s onwards.
CanadaUnited KingdomItalyFrance

Question 10: ________
Labor spiesBill HaywoodLabor federation competition in the United StatesColorado Labor Wars


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