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Trade route: Quiz


Question 1: These routes - spreading ________, trade and technology - have historically been vital to the growth of urban civilization.
AtheismRelationship between religion and scienceReligionSoul

Question 2: [45] 13th century traveler and pilgrim Burchard of Mount Zion refers to the Via Maris route as a way leading along the shore of the ________.
JordanPalestineSea of GalileeIsrael

Question 3: In 1993, the ________ (NAFTA) was approved by the governments of Canada, Mexico, and the United States.
United States – Peru Trade Promotion AgreementNorth American Free Trade AgreementCanada – United States Free Trade AgreementNew Zealand – United States relations

Question 4: [3] Before the establishment of Roman control over areas such as ________, the Amber Road was virtually the only route available for long distance trade.
Roman BritainPannoniaUpper PannoniaDacia (Roman province)

Question 5: International pipeline transport projects, like the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline, presently connect modern nation states - in this case ________, Georgia and Turkey - through pipeline networks.

Question 6: [64] The wealth of the Indies was now open for the Europeans to explore; the ________ was one of the early European empires to grow from spice trade.
Colonial BrazilDutch–Portuguese WarPortugalPortuguese Empire

Question 7: [79] Modern highways, such as the Trans-Canada Highway, Highway 1 (Australia) and ________ allowed transport of goods and services across great distances.
BrazilPan-American HighwayNicaraguaArgentina

Question 8: [50] By the time of ________ up to 120 ships were setting sail every year from Myos Hormos to India,[51] trading in a diverse variety of goods.
Roman EmperorTiberiusAugustusDomitian

Question 9: [65] However, this was to change with the development of Hanseatic trade, as a result of which German traders became prominent in the Baltic and the ________ regions.
English ChannelIrish SeaAtlantic OceanNorth Sea

Question 10: The peninsula of ________ lay on the commercial land routes to Europe from Asia as well as the sea route from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea.
Turkish peopleTurkeyIstanbulAnatolia

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