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Question 1: The term trade justice has been widely adopted internationally by campaign groups, for example by the over 100 national platforms of the ________ where it is one of the four main demands.
Make Poverty History EmiratesGlobal Call to Action Against PovertyBrazilUruguay

Question 2: Trade justice advocates start from a premise that appropriate intervention in markets is necessary as opposed to no or little government role in ________.
Free marketLibertarianismAnarcho-capitalismFriedrich von Hayek

Question 3: When developing countries ________ to developed country markets, they often face tariff barriers that can be as much as four times higher than those encountered by developed countries.
TradeEconomicsInternational tradeExport

Question 4: They contrasted "fair trade" with 'unfair' ________ practices.
International Monetary FundInternational tradeGlobalizationTrade bloc

Question 5: The use of the term has expanded beyond campaigns to reform current trading practices, and major institutions such as the ________ which embody them.
World Trade OrganizationUnited StatesEuropean UnionWorld Trade Organization accession and membership

Question 6: ________'s Make trade fair campaign.
StarbucksFair tradeOxfamUnited Kingdom

Question 7: So those calling for "trade justice" often also defend the right of developing country governments to follow ________ trade policies.
Market economyProtectionismAmerican School (economics)Mercantilism

Question 8: The organisations campaigning for trade justice posit this concept in opposition to ________, the advocates of which often also claim pro-poor outcomes.
Free tradeTrade blocFree trade debateMercantilism

Question 9: They believe that poor country governments should have the right to choose their own trade policies to best promote ________ and to protect the livelihoods of agricultural producers.
Family planningEcological footprintOver-consumptionFood security

Question 10: ________ or "Fairtrade certification" allows consumers to identify goods especially commodities such as coffee, that meet certain agreed standards of fairness.
Fair tradeFLO InternationalInternational Fairtrade Certification MarkFairtrade certification


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