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Trade bloc: Quiz


Question 1: [5][6] Trade blocs can be stand-alone agreements between several states (such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) or part of a regional organization (such as the ________).
European UnionGermanyDenmarkEuropean Parliament

Question 2: Advocates of worldwide ________ are generally opposed to trading blocs, which, they argue, encourage regional as opposed to global free trade.
Free tradeFree trade debateTrade blocMercantilism

Question 3: Depending on the level of ________, trade blocs can fall into different categories, such as:[7] preferential trading areas, free trade areas, customs unions, common markets and economic and monetary unions.
Complete economic integrationSingle marketTrade diversionEconomic integration

Question 4: Surges of trade bloc formation were seen in the 1960s and 1970s, as well as in the 1990s after the ________.
Berlin WallMikhail GorbachevRevolutions of 1989Collapse of the Soviet Union (1985–1991)

Question 5: One of the first economic blocs was the German Customs Union (Zollverein) initiated in 1834, formed on the basis of the ________ and subsequently German Empire from 1871.
German ConfederationNorth German ConfederationPrussiaWilhelm I, German Emperor

Question 6: By ________, more than 50% of all world commerce was conducted under the auspices of regional trade blocs.

Question 7: A trade bloc is a type of intergovernmental agreement, often part of a regional ________, where regional barriers to trade (tariffs and non-tariff barriers) are reduced or eliminated among the participating states.
World governmentUnited NationsIntergovernmental organizationEuropean Union

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