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Tracy Arm: Quiz


Question 1: Tracy Arm is a fjord in ________ near Juneau.
AlaskaNorthwestern United StatesWashingtonUnited States

Question 2: It is located about 45 miles (72 km) south of ________ and 70 miles north of Petersburg, Alaska, off of Holkham Bay and adjacent to Stephen's Passage within the Tongass National Forest.
BostonIndianapolisDes Moines, IowaJuneau, Alaska

Question 3: [1] The wildlife in the area includes black and brown bears, deer, wolves, harbor seals, and a variety of birds, such as ________ and pigeon guillemots.
Roseate TernSeabirdArctic TernCommon Tern

Question 4: The ________, which are usually found in the higher elevation areas, have been seen near the base of Sawyer Glacier.
ReindeerElkMooseMountain goat


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