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Track and field athletics: Quiz


Question 1: ________
Veronica Campbell-Brown60 metres4 x 100 metres relay200 metres

Question 2: Organised athletics are traced back to the ________ from 776 BC, and most modern events are conducted by the member clubs of the International Association of Athletics Federations.
PindarNemean GamesDelphiAncient Olympic Games

Question 3: The ________ (founded 523 BC) held on the Isthmus of Corinth every two years
PindarNemean GamesAncient Olympic GamesIsthmian Games

Question 4: The ________ has claimed to be the first to adopt this in 1812 and 1825, but without any supporting evidence.
British ArmyRoyal Military Academy SandhurstRoyal Tank RegimentWinston Churchill

Question 5: It is common that tracks will surround a playing field used for ________, Canadian football, association football (soccer), or lacrosse.
Gridiron footballTouch football (American)Arena footballAmerican football

Question 6: ________ (21.0975 km)
Half marathonJavelin throw5000 metres10,000 metres

Question 7: Modern All Weather Running Tracks, known to many by ________ brand names such as "Tartan tracks" or "Mondo tracks", are made with rubber surface materials.
Genericized trademarkCopyrightPublic domainTrademark

Question 8: This inner field is usually known as the infield and has a surface of either grass or ________.
Artificial turfEnglandVeterans StadiumToronto FC

Question 9: ________: the outdoor Pentathlon includes the following five events:
Track and field athleticsPentathlonOlympic GamesDecathlon

Question 10: ________ (Usually not held indoors; substituted by the Weight Throw)
2003 Hammer Throw Year RankingLong jump2004 Hammer Throw Year RankingHammer throw


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