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Toxin: Quiz


Question 1:
  • ________ is a plant toxin found in the castor bean plant

Question 2: Toxins produced by microorganisms are important virulence determinants responsible for microbial pathogenicity and/or evasion of the host ________[7].
Adaptive immune systemLymphatic systemImmune systemToll-like receptor

Question 3: Toxic substances not of biological origin are more properly termed ________.
Lead poisoningPoisonArsenic poisoningMercury poisoning

Question 4: There was an ongoing dispute between ________ and the Warsaw Pact over whether to call a toxin a biological or chemical agent, in which the former opted for the latter, and vice versa.
NATOAfghanistanCentral Intelligence AgencyNon-Aligned Movement

Question 5: Defense (bee, ________, termite, honeybee, wasp, poison dart frog)

Question 6: In humans, skin and ________ tissues are most sensitive to necrotoxins[citation needed].
Head and neck anatomyTorsoFasciaMuscle

Question 7: The toxins from ________ which maybe dangerous to human health include:
Food chainCarnivoreHerbivorePredation

Question 8: Predation (spider, snake, scorpion, ________, wasp)

Question 9: When used non-technically, the term "toxin" is often applied to any ________ substances.
Mercury poisoningLead poisoningPoisonToxicity

Question 10: On a broader scale, toxins may be classified as either ________, being excreted by an organism, and endotoxins, that are released mainly when bacteria are lysed.
Pore-forming toxinSuperantigenExotoxinListeriolysin O


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