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Toxic megacolon: Quiz


Question 1: An abdominal ________ shows colonic dilation.
Ionizing radiationGamma rayX-rayRadiography

Question 2: Toxic megacolon is usually a complication of inflammatory bowel disease, such as ulcerative colitis and, more rarely, Crohn’s disease, and some ________ of the colon.
InfectionPathologyPneumoniaPathogenic bacteria

Question 3: Use of ________ may be indicated to suppress the inflammatory reaction in the colon if megacolon has resulted from active inflammatory bowel disease.
GlucocorticoidCorticosteroidSex steroidMineralocorticoid

Question 4: A ________ reveals abdominal tenderness and possible loss of bowel sounds.
Ankle brachial pressure indexRespiratory soundsJugular venous pressurePhysical examination

Question 5: ________ may be given to prevent sepsis (a severe infection).
Antibiotic misuseNucleic acid inhibitorAntibioticATC code J01

Question 6: It is characterized by a very dilated colon (megacolon), accompanied by abdominal distension (________), and sometimes fever, abdominal pain, or shock.
Abdominal distensionVomitingBloatingDiarrhea

Question 7: There is usually an elevated ________ count.
PhagocyteNeutrophil granulocyteEosinophil granulocyteWhite blood cell


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